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Drake Offers Words of Encouragement to Kevin Durant Following His Injury

credit: Mark Blinch/NBAE/gettyimages

Although he is currently cheering for the Toronto Raptors during the NBA Finals, Drake can be sympathetic when it comes to his opponents as well. During Game 5 of the NBA Finals, Kevin Durant suffered a major injury. Today (June 11), Drizzy shares a heartfelt message wishing the best for the Golden State Warrior teammate.


“Was tough for any of us to even enjoy that game tonight after seeing this transpire,” Drizzy explained. “Praying for our brother. That’s my only concern tonight is your well being. ‘The game needs me’ is an understatement when it comes to 35. Please wish the best for this true warrior.”


During the second quarter of last night’s game, KD injured his right Achilles. As Durant was exiting the court, the 6 God gave him a comforting pat on the back. In the past, Drake has made it well-known that he respects KD as a ballplayer. The Scorpion rapper has Durant’s jersey number “35” tattoed on his arm. In addition to that, Drake has name-dropped KD on several tracks including “Free Smoke,” “Weston Road Flows,” “Yes Indeed” and “Pop That.”


“I took the team plane from Oracle/Mama never used to cook much/Used to chef KD/Now me and Chef, KD/Bet on shots for twenty G’s,” Drake spits on “Free Smoke.”


Despite having to play without KD for the remainder of the night, the Golden State Warriors were able to secure a victory with a score of 106. Game 6 is scheduled for Friday (June 14). Take a look at Drake wishing the best for Kevin Durant below.



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